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158 Pleasant Street North Andover, MA 01845


Phone: 978-687-2783
Fax: 978-687-3042

Contact: Joseph G. Levis
Phone: 978.815.5635

Contact: Joe Levis Jr.
Phone: 978.580.9648



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Joe G. Levis

MA Lic.# 30651 - Construction Supervisor
MA Lic.# 95926 - Real Estate Broker
MA Lic.# 9979A - Master Electrician
MA Lic.# 103772 - Home Improvement

Joe Levis Jr.

MA Lic.# 108919 - Construction Supervisor
MA Lic.# 009518325 - Real Estate Broker
MA Lic.# LR002868 - Lead Renovator
Certified Green Builder


158 Pleasant Street
North Andover, MA 01845


Email: info@leviscompaniesinc.com
Phone: 978-687-2783
Fax: 978-687-3042

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